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T-Man's Articles In Demigod Journals
September 22, 2009 by T-Man
Hello Demigod Fans,

I have some news to deliver.  And depending on your point of view it could be either good or bad.

We have just uncovered a major flaw in our calculation of experience points.  And if you were not aware, it is the experience point system that drives Demigod's player rankings.  So it's good news that we unconvered the bug. But it's bad news that this means the current ranking stats are pretty much useless.

So because the current experience points are inc...
June 10, 2009 by T-Man
Ok, this is not quite a developer journal as one would normally be posted.  This is really more about enlisting the community to help us figure out why many games are not being saved/recorded on the Pantheon website.

I've been doing some investigating by turning on additional logging on our data servers and sifting through thousands and thousands of pieces of data that are being sent to the server.  By doing this I have been able to isolate the Reason as to why some game stats are n...
May 15, 2009 by T-Man
Frogboy seems to be about the only one making posts in the development journals so I figured I'd put my  two cents in for once.

Most of you are well aware that there are errors and bugs in the stats on the Pantheon website.  So I will start out by saying that we are working on fixing the problems.  However it has been a slow procress.  As mentioned in other posts, the stat side of things sometimes takes awhile to get addressed because some of the developers required to fix...