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August 24, 2007 by T-Man
Just passing through.

Making sure JoeUsers MetaWeblog API still works for Blog Navigator.

December 7, 2005 by T-Man
After a very long absence of doing any work on JoeUser I am turning my attention to JoeUser for the next few days to give it some very much needed tender loving care.  I started working on some code optimization in an effort to help speed up the site.  I have already implemented several changes that should help improve JU's peformance.  And I will continue to to do more updates over the next several days.

However, I'm only working on code optimization and I am not doing any new...
December 6, 2005 by T-Man
Not too many people know about this but if you are looking for a bit different view of JoeUser's home page try this link:

May 4, 2005 by T-Man
Ok, we have identified a problem with one of scripts that was timing out.  Because of this timout issue not everyones daily points were being saved to the archive (which is where the stats are read from).  The script has been changed and should run properly tonight at its schedule time. 

So shortly after midnight we should see the points come back to life.  However, there most likely will be a side effect.  For those peoples who stats have not been archived they will...
April 8, 2005 by T-Man
Last week we implemented some new code that helped speed up queries in the forums (ie the Chatroom Marathon thread).  This appears to also have helped the stability of our sites a bit by reducing server load against our database.  Having our servers go all last weekend without any major problems felt really good as that has not happened in some time.  I think we are finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Moving on to what I managed to accomplish this w...
March 22, 2005 by T-Man
We have been slowly migrating our servers to a new facility.  We started back a month or so by moving our database from California to Chicago.  However, because we were not able to install all our new servers in the Chicago facility we had to leave the JoeUser website back in California. 

So this means JoeUser had to go to Chicago to get its data which made things a bit slower than they should be. Well, with our server migration that took place yesterday, I finally have a new ...
March 21, 2005 by T-Man
Sometime after 11am EST (GMT-5) on Monday, March 21st, almost all the Stardock websites are going to go dark for a couple of hours as we migrate servers from a half-rack to a full-rack in our colo facility.

It will be done as quickly as humanly possible, but things will probably be wonky into the afternoon. Stardock.com, WinCustomize.com, JoeUser.com, GalCiv2.com, the store, irc server, Stardock Central downloads, most everything will be impacted by this. I may migrate the IRC server to anot...
February 7, 2005 by T-Man
If you haven't noticed yet, the JoeUser forums has changed a bit.  Over at WinCustomize for the last half  year we have been coverting the site over from ASP to ASP.Net.  By doing this we are able to use many of the features in ASP.Net which help improve performance.   We have just taken the first step in bringing this updated technology over to JoeUser via the forums.   Hopefully the first thing you should notice is a speed improvement.  The .net code tak...
November 30, 2004 by T-Man
I just implemented some anti spamming code this morning so hopefully we will no longer see those ads for online poker and other junk.  If anyone sees any new spamming replies please send me an email (pford@stardock.com) so I can take care of it.
August 4, 2004 by T-Man
With any luck, this will be the first post made using Blog Navigator using our new set of metaWeblogAPI's.  Adam and I have been working hard at implement the new new framework to support different blogging api's. While Adam has several API's already implement into BlogNavigator I finally got the first installment of metaWeblog working on JoeUser. 

Submit (Fingers Crossed).
November 7, 2003 by T-Man
We have been tweaking the RSS feeds and the changes should improve your browsing experience. Here are some of the changes we have made.

Added JoeUser Image to the feed so you can visually recognize the JoeUser channelThe Date and Time fields are now RFC 822 compliant and should properly show up in your RSS ReaderThe Item description now shows the first 400 characters of your article text instead of the sub title.  This should help give a better preview of the articleAnd most importantly, th...
December 13, 2003 by T-Man
JoeUser's newest feature available is the addition of message forums. But instead of just implementing standard forums, we went the extra step and integrated your blogs into the forums So now when you post a new blog article you have the option to have your article also show up in the forums.

The forums interface makes it much easier navigating articles via categories. So if you are interested in politics you can go to the Politics forum and can catch many of the political blogs all in one...
November 21, 2003 by T-Man
We've spent the last two weeks remodeling JoeUser. As the site has become more popular we have been noticing the site getting slower. So in an attempt to make the site faster and more usuable we decided to scrap the old interface and redesign JoeUser from the Ground up with a more trim style that has much less HTML and Graphics.

The result, what you are looking at now. Well we hope you are anyways. If you are still looking at the old site just wait a little bit as your DNS hasn't updated t...
November 6, 2003 by T-Man
We've made a few small tweaks to the layout of JoeUser. You will now notice that the Channel Index and Top Stories now only display on the home page and are removed when viewing the articles.

Also, we have removed the tabs from the top and for those who cannot find the Accounts link you will find it in the login/logout bar now.

Hopefully these minor changes will improve your browsing experience. Let us know what you think about the changes.
October 15, 2003 by T-Man
Those of you who keep tabs on Stardock know that during the last two weeks we have been undergoing a major migration with our servers. All our Websites and Application Servers are being moved new a new ISP, moving from a location in Georgia to a new location in California. During this migration we decided to upgrade the OS on our servers from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003. Unfortunately, this has not gone without problems.

When a user creates a new Blog Site on JoeUser.com we have an applicat...