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Server migration continues
Published on March 22, 2005 By T-Man In Blogging

We have been slowly migrating our servers to a new facility.  We started back a month or so by moving our database from California to Chicago.  However, because we were not able to install all our new servers in the Chicago facility we had to leave the JoeUser website back in California. 

So this means JoeUser had to go to Chicago to get its data which made things a bit slower than they should be. Well, with our server migration that took place yesterday, I finally have a new server in place to move JoeUser to.  So today JoeUser has traveled from California to Chicago and is now sitting right next to the database.  So hopefully this will help speed it up a bit. 

However, the forums are still in California though for the time being.  But the forums use ASP.Net technology so the cross country trip it needs for the data is not as intense and is not affected by it as much as the rest of the site.

We also are in the process of converting JoeUser to .Net which will help peformance as well. But this process is going to take us awhile and I don't suspect it will be done for a month or two.

So hang in there, we are working on make JoeUser a better place!



on Mar 22, 2005

hey!  For us Techies, thanks!  I read these just to see how other shops are doing it!  I gather you have a limited bandwidth between Ca and Chi.  Ouch!  Good luck on the move!

(Limited: Not a DS3 connection)

on Mar 22, 2005

Bandwidth isn't the issue.  The Colo facility in Chicago is more reliable and also is on a major backbone.  Plus it is physically closer to us so if there is a problem we have a better chance of being able to go to the facility for hands on issues.

But adding more servers has been a key.  Putting the DB and Websites on faster serves plus isolating processes has been a primary issue.  In the past we had our DB servers sharing the same machine as some of our Webservers.  So we are getting away from that and having dedicated database and webservers.

on Mar 22, 2005
Hey Brad,

I know of a guy, who is local, who has a bunch of hardware, which you might be able to evaluate putting your database and/or site on. If you are interested, I can put you in contact with him. He used to have a nice facility in Grand Rapids, but he said he moved it, but I do not know to where.

on Mar 22, 2005
Thanks for the update, keep up the good work
on Mar 23, 2005
I will eagerly await the forum move.....I don't know why...buy hey it sounded nice anyway.....
on Mar 23, 2005

t-man, thanks for all the hard work behind the scenes (so that bloggers suffering 'techno-fear' - such as myself - only have to log in and type) !

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