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joh6nn asks for your input
Published on January 4, 2005 By T-Man In WinCustomize News

A letter from Joh6nn, the newest member of Coolplayers development team:

Hi All. I'm joh6nn, the newest member of Coolplayer's dev team.

There are currently a number of problems surrounding skinning Coolplayer. Probably the biggest one is that the UI for skinning the playlist is currently broken. A close second would be that Coolplayer has two completely different skinning systems: one for the player itself, and a separate one for the playlist. I'd like to fix as many of the skinning issues as possible, and unite the playlist and player systems if i can.

This is where you come in. I'm looking for feedback. I'd like to know.

• how put off you'd be about your skins breaking

• how put off you'd be about having to learn yet another skinning system?

• what do you or don't you like about the current skinning system for Coolplayer?

• which programs have skinning systems that you like, and what do you like about them?

• anything else you think i should know

Those of you who run community sites, if you could make a news post about this, that'd be extra nifty.

The feedback that i get will pretty much determine what changes i make, and how. You can get hold of me for questions and comments at joh6nn@users.sourceforge.net, or at NotTilNextWeek@AIM

Thanks alot everyone, and Happy New Year

on Jan 04, 2005
Make it a bit more accessible to outside control than it currently is, and you could just use DXPlayer and create lots of different DX widgets for it! Right now DXPlayer control of CoolPlayer is limited to basic commands because not everything is remotely operable and the amount of monitoring that can be done is very low.
on Jan 04, 2005
"how put off you'd be about your skins breaking"

I'm sure the coolplayer skinners would just love you breaking their hard work and long hours.
on Jan 04, 2005
I'll post this at www.skinning.net - hope it helps.
on Jan 04, 2005
Yeah, given the current state of CoolPlayer, I'd say breaking backwards compatability would only hasten a trip to oblivion. You saw what happened with Winamp!

I made very sure to keep backwards-compatability with older versions of DXPlayer. Even then, I had to change a few small things in how they worked, and people still complained about that - I hate to think what they'd have done if I just broke all their objects.
on Jan 05, 2005
add audio cd playback
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