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Those of you who keep tabs on Stardock know that during the last two weeks we have been undergoing a major migration with our servers. All our Websites and Application Servers are being moved new a new ISP, moving from a location in Georgia to a new location in California. During this migration we decided to upgrade the OS on our servers from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003. Unfortunately, this has not gone without problems.

When a user creates a new Blog Site on JoeUser.com we have an application that automatically updates our DNS records in order for that new site to come to life. The main COM component that we use in this application, WinDNSMan, fails to work properly on our new Windows 2003 servers. So this has us scrambling to get this fixed, eEither by getting an update from WinDNSMan or by us having to write code from scratch to update the DNS Server. Unfortunately either route is most likely going to take several days before we can get blog creation back online.

So we apologize for this delay and inconvience and we are doing the best we can to get JoeUser.com back up to full functionality. We appreciate your patience and hope that you will keep checking back in with us to see when we have corrected the problem.
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