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Sigh. Unfortunately we are experiencing technical difficulties with WinCustomize. Our main server has died on us and we are current in the process of trying to get WinCustomize up and running on a temporary server until the problem can be corrected.

During this time the Skin Libraries will be closed. We apologize for the inconvience and hope to have the problem corrected as soon as possible.
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on May 15, 2003
Shoots... thanks for putting this message here. I know it must be nerve wracking.

goodmorphing brings hot chocolate with a little extra for the crew.
on May 15, 2003
AHHH! Just after I spent 10 hours rendering a background in Bryce........ Hope things are back up soon. Wincustomize is like heroin for me! We all appreciate everyones hard work though!!! THANKS A BUNCH! It's you people who keep this site so incredible. A few technical difficulties should be expected.
on May 15, 2003
Thank you for letting us know. Hopefully the technical difficulties will be solved without too much pain. Cheers to you !
on May 15, 2003
Good luck... I hope everything will be all right soon and I'm with you guys!
on May 15, 2003
Oh... Good luck to the crew getting this sorted. But I know they will.
on May 15, 2003
T-Man has got WC News working for the moment and Stardock Central is running through a backup server. Not 100% sure every component will be happy.

I don't think anything else is still down or impacted by this, but we'll keep at it.
on May 15, 2003
Doh! I told you you shouldn't spill your coffee on the server, T-Man.
on May 15, 2003
Hope u can fix it...I know you will, I am another little piece in this community, but, anythin┬┤ u need, only ask, best of luck!!!
on May 15, 2003
Knowing the backend, it's pretty darn amazing that even this page is up. The redundancy is pretty impressive, we're talking a complete catastrophic loss of a server right now. Hopefully we'll be back up tomorrow.
on May 15, 2003
Guys, take your time. Sure, it's a minor annoyance for us, but don't stress too much - we will survive!
on May 15, 2003
Especially those of that aren't paying to use any portion of the site.
on May 15, 2003
Oh man, that's a real bummer. I hope you get it sorted without too much pain and expense.
on May 15, 2003
Oh well, that is live, shit happens.

Best of luck fixed the issues
on May 15, 2003
Best of luck FIXING the issues (typo).
on May 15, 2003
Does this means that Stardock Central is not working either?

If so that the text on the FAQ page should be changed.

It now reads:

I keep trying to register my application under Stadock Central but it keeps telling me my registration failed.

There are two likely causes for this:

1) You are entering your registration under the wrong product name. For example, if you are registrering Galactic Civlizations .......

2) The second most likely cause is that you have either entered your serial number incorrectly or you are using the wrong email address. ......

But you should add:
3) Stardock servers are down!!!

Again, best of luck fixing the issues.
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