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Stardock Central is coming along nicely. With the addition of browsing messages boards on WinCustomize and Galciv.com really helps wrap the package up.

Its reached a feature complete stage (for a 1.0 release). So this next week or two we will be working on cleaning up any loose ends then we should be ready to release it.

Items fixed in this build:

Ver: 0.90.104

We know the large DPI is still not happy. Should be addressed
in the next build.
Fixed crash on installation from ODNT tab.
Fixed installation failed.
Fixed crash on cancelling all queues.
Fixed bug with archiving CursorXP.
Fixed download path not working.
Fixed bug with installing modules when complete.
Added prompt if Stardock.net login fails.
Added message board system (GalCiv and WinCustomize)

on Mar 06, 2003
Fantastic news !

I'll be switching over from the WinC-browser with the msgboard access being added.

on Mar 06, 2003
Is this working the same way as Component Manager?
In other words is buying the OD suite enough to get all the programs through Central ??
I am in for a new official OD suite if this is the case.
on Mar 06, 2003
Stardock Central is a replacement for the Object Desktop Component Manager and the Drengin Game Manager plus more.

You still must purchase the appropriate networks or application in order to gain access to them. Otherwise you will only have access to the shareware versions of the software.
on Mar 06, 2003
i would like this way better if i could get past the login failures. have had this problem for the past few days. worked great the first few times i used for updating and then, poof... nothin. using zapro and adsubtract. are stardocks servers having problems?
on Mar 06, 2003
Adsubtract is probably the problem. Read here: http://www.stardock.com/support/support.asp?product=55
on Mar 06, 2003
The message board is really fast! Keep up the great work.
on Mar 07, 2003
thanks t-man
on Mar 07, 2003
Can I download and use this without an OD sub? cos I haven't yet renewed it, and am wondering if it's possible to transfer software that hasn't been installed on an internet connected computer to one without an internet connection, then install it on there, cos my mum STILL refuses to network the PCs, and until she does, I'm using the only working floppy disk IN THE HOUSE to transfer software to my PC!

on Mar 07, 2003
Well I'm gonna try anyway, wish me luck!

on Mar 07, 2003
Impressive! Haven't tried putting it on my pc yet, tho', and I probably won't until I can use it the way it's intended. Shame, as I'd really love to renew my sub 'cos OD looks to be getting even better!

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