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Published on May 17, 2006 By T-Man In WinCustomize News
If you are interested in desktop customization, which I suspect you are, then you will want to check out Pageflakes.com. Pageflakes is a personalized start page with email checking, movie finder, RSS feeds and various other features. In other words, think of it as a webpage where users can easily add gadgets (or flakes as they call them) to a page making news and information readily available.
Pageflakes, using AJAX technology, is completely customizable allowing you to move your flakes any where on the page to give you that page that is perfect for your viewing preferences. But one of the best features of Pageflakes is that it offers tabbed paging. Being able to add new pages is very similar to using ObjectDock Plus, but instead of organizing your applications you are organizing your information on tabbed pages. And to prevent cluttering Pageflakes allow you to share your page with friends or publish it so it is publicly available to everyone. This is a great feature if you want to make a very specific page to share with a group of friends, team or colleagues.

But what makes Pageflakes stand out from other AJAX homepages? Pageflakes offers an API where third party developers can create their own flakes to add to their library of flakes, which already has more than 70 flakes in it. This is good because it will allow them to always have new and fresh content available. And their API is very easy to use and with their tutorial you can create and add your own flake within just a couple of minutes. Matter of
fact, WinCustomize is currently in the process of creating a flake to add to their library, which we hope to finish within the next week.

I found Pageflakes very easy to use and will be playing around with it much more. You should go check it out too!

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on May 17, 2006
Interesting. How would you compare it to microsofts Live.com?

Posted via WinCustomize Browser/Stardock Central
on May 17, 2006
...or even Google's personalized homepages?
on May 17, 2006
pageflakes is cool... but I prefer netvibes - which also has tabbed pages, draggable boxes so you can arrange your pages, rss feeds, custom rss feeds, and an api module. One of the best parts about netvibes is the built-in rss reader. When you click on a feed link, it shows you the article within a sort of pop-up window rather than opening a new tab in firefox (or new window in IE). That's really the one feature that makes netvibes my start page over pageflakes.
on May 17, 2006
Ok, I went over there to ckeck it out and all I get is 'Complete' with a blank page
Is ther something I'm not doing and if so what
on May 17, 2006

Very interesting.  Reminds me a lot of live.com though.

Thanks for posting.

on May 17, 2006
I'm guessing that it is not compatible with IE7.
Seems to freeze up on me every time I try use the pageflake. Guess I'll stick to My Yahoo!
on May 17, 2006
this is awsome, tons better than google.
on May 17, 2006
Interesting! I'm really looking forward to the Wincustomize module. What's planned for it?

Thanks for the heads up!
on May 18, 2006
Ooh, this is very cool! I'm using google's personalized home page right now, but I'm always looking for cool stuff like this to try out. Thanks for the heads up!
on May 18, 2006

Interesting. How would you compare it to microsofts Live.com?

I'm finding that Pageflakes is just as good as live.com.  They both have some pros and cons and both are in development and have some bugs here and there.  live.com seems to run faster but Pageflakes feels easier to use.

Page flakes offers tabbed pages which is real nice.  And live.com does have a function to add a new page but its not currently working (for me anyway) so I can't quite compare that feature.

So at this moment I think they are both fairly even.  But with Microsoft having much more resources to put into live.com you would think they would be far better but that doesn't appear to be the case.  In the end, I have a feeling that it will come down to content and marketing which will determine who is better.  Microsoft will in the end will win with marketing but Pageflakes will probably establish its own community based on its content.


on May 18, 2006
Microsoft will in the end will win with marketing but Pageflakes will probably establish its own community based on its content.

Or MS will buy out Pageflakes.

Thanks for the input Pat.

Posted via WinCustomize Browser/Stardock Central
on May 18, 2006
I also use Netvibes, but I'll have to keep an eye on Pageflake.
on May 23, 2006
@keymaster - you can click on "edit" at every feed flake and it wil give you an option to open the news in our rss reader or new window, new tab, etc.

@msteriq - what browser are you using? works fine in FF and IE.

any suggestions, please feel free to contact me directly at ole@pageflakes.com

on May 23, 2006
I've tried it for a week now and I like it.
Thanks for the tip, T-Man.
on Jun 03, 2006
I was using another computer to access WC. Saw an advert for Pageflakes.

I hate to think the worst, but which came first, a client or a review?

I hope Stardock doesn't start doing "advertorials".

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