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Microsoft announces "Times Reader" which will be part of the OS
Published on May 3, 2006 By T-Man In WinCustomize News

Bill Gates announced that Microsoft is partnering with the New York Times to develop a new prototype application called "Times Reader".  Times Reader is supposed to improve "on-screen reading" for online newspapers such as the New York Times.  The application promises to automatically resize text, photos and advertisements to fit any size screen.  And the reader is designed to match fonts and other design elements of the print to so that publications can maintain their distinct appearance.

One can only wonder if the format for Times Reader will replace RSS specifications.  If Times Reader has any success I believe there is a distinct possibility that it could challenge RSS over time.  What are your thoughts?

Screenshot: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/images/press/2006/04-28timesreader.jpg

on May 03, 2006
I think that anytime MS bundles an app in it's operating system suite of apps it kills some other app. It's easier for Ma and Pa kettle to use the app that's there than to find one better. And let's face it, MS has the reseach dollars to build an app that's good enough for the casual user.

I like the concept of a newspaper-like reader. It's intuitive. The trick though, is taking only the parts that work and use them. Don't contort controls to force the illusion. Back in the early 90s lots of apps tried too hard to look like "real" products. I remember a fax/voicemail app I had that used an imagfe of a answering machine as the interface. Ugh!

Say buh-bye to BlogNavigator, say hello to TimesReader.

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on May 03, 2006

I don't know why Microsoft would associate themselves with the NYT's.  I guess they need a media outlet to handle misinformation.

on May 03, 2006
I think rss is going to last. Maybe a new version will come out.
on May 03, 2006
I think rss is going to last. Maybe a new version will come out.

The question isn't whether RSS will last, it's a question of how will people will access RSS feeds.

A new version of what? RSS? TimesReader? BlogNavigator?
on May 03, 2006
Well put Sir Zubaz. Also, remember many large organizations (gov't/business) are working to more open standards. An integrated, GUI as part of the MSOS definitely has a strong chance of dominating
on May 03, 2006
Another pointless addition when they should be concentrating on core Vista.

Most blogging websites aren't going to care about half of the mentioned options. If you have seen the Engadget RSS through Live.com for example it pretty much already does that.

It's just MS trying to replace another standard. I don't like the idea and I like MS and their products.
on May 03, 2006
Maybe I'm missing something but how does an app that is designed to deliver newspaper news in a newspaper-like form threatens an app that delivers news period? I realize both are news but not all sites provide "newspaper worthy" news. I doubt there is a need for neowin for example to switch to some reader that will do what, expand that entire 3 lines news story with a link to the entire screen and scale the fonts correctly? I think the whole idea of this reader is to cater specifically to newspapers and magazines, to allow them to present those feeds in a format and style that reflects their newspaper, essentially prevent the loss of brandname identity ('cause right now all feeds look the same, right), I doubt it's any threat to RSS.

Oh and PS: What big newspaper or magazine is going to use an app entitled "Times Reader", other than Times that is?
on May 03, 2006
Another pointless addition when they should be concentrating on core Vista

Amen. Now that the Evil Empire is going into some other random venue in their plot to take over the world, Vista is sure to be that much more incomplete. And chances are the incompletions are going to be on the side of security. For me, that's not a big deal though. Microsoft is crazy if they think I'm going to trust XP to keep my computer safe; I get other software to handle my security needs. Gates needs to slow down on the expanding and focus more on the things he's already doing before the government comes to a point where they can't keep pretending that Microsoft isn't a monopoly and be forced to shut him down AC (Andrew Carnegie) style. But for now, it looks as if MS will keep giving new meaning to the term 'killer app'.
on May 04, 2006
Microsoft has more programming groups than just the Windows one. Internet Explorer, for instance, is developed by a seperate group than Windows. Same with Office, Flight Simulator, Xbox, etc. These groups don't directly influence the development of Windows and, therefore, do not have a hand in making or breaking Vista.
on May 07, 2006
I don't see this as replacing anything. maybe I could be wrong, but this seems more inline with commercial use rather than consumer use.
on May 08, 2006
Who reads the Times anyway?
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